Minecraft Mini Battle Sunday FUNDAY Newbie Stream!

We’re playing MINECRAFT Minibattle and showing you our survival world on Sunday FUNDAY with JaxiePlays, CohCohs Clubhouse and ThatGamerDad.

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Tonight we’re talking about how to play Minecraft Minibattle – plus JaxiePlays gives us some tips on how to find players who will team up with you in online Minibattle games.

These tricks will help you understand how to play Minibattle and have fun even if it’s your first time ever playing Minibattle!

Then we’re going to show you our Survival World – why you never want to switch Minecraft Game Modes and how to get a ton of amazing loot in Survival Mode only so you can get ALL THE TROPHIES!

Join Us at http://jaxieplays.wpengine.com 🙂

We’re a family of 5 with ThatGamerDad (Dan), CluelessGamerMom (Nicole), JaxiePlays (Jaxson), CohCohgs Clubhouse (Cohen) and Mimi Pumpkin-ini (Milena). We like to play video games, LEGO and all sorts of games!

Some of our favourite video games are LEGO Dimensions, Minecraft, Terraria, Just Dance, Skylanders Imaginators, Trap Team, Giants, Spyro’s Adventures.


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