Reported for Livestreaming Minecraft!?!?!? Yup. Check out our new channel JaxiePlays!

We were streaming Minecraft today, nothing special just a Chill Minecraft Better Together stream. We were reported by someone (why, we don’t know!) THE VIDEO WAS TAKEN DOWN AND WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LIVE STREAM ON RRG.

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We created RecRoomGames as a fun place for families, to enjoy a relaxed, entertaining and easy-going family fun experience on YouTube.

We do this for fun! No swearing, no trolling, no bullying will be tolerated. Ever.


We’re a family of 6 with ThatGamerDad, CluelessGamerMom, JaxiePlays, The Bean, Memer Bears and our starter Pokemon Vannsters. We like to make family fun videos, play video games, do science experiments, make slime and play all sorts of games!

Some of our favourite video games are Minecraft, Plants versus Zombies, Super Mario Maker 2, Pokemon Sword and Shield and more! Note: all Livestreams are always 100% moderated and monitored by ThatGamerDad at all times.


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